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The First 'Green' Program For Hot Tubs, As Seen on National TV

The Full Circle Spa Program TM is a guide that will help you determine how to care for your spa with environmentally friendly products. The 100% safe and effective enzyme products from The Natural Hot Tub Company ® are the foundation for this program. Our Water Treatment & Conditioner softens and conditions the spa water, helps stabilize pH and alkalinity and reduces or eliminates the use of many harsh chemicals. Following our program will allow you to drain your spa water without bringing harm to our ground water systems on which most living creatures depend.

A Program Making A Difference, One Hot Tub At A Time!

Got Trust?

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The Natural Hot Tub
® is committed to reducing our
environmental impact

and carbon footprint by promoting our products
in an environmentally responsible way.

Earth-FirstTM Labels
Recyclable Packaging
Safe Draining
Water Conservation
No Warning Labels

100% Safe & Effective

"I absolutely love this product. Has no odors or chemical smells. I don't even have to shower after soaking."


Better For You, Your Spa & Our Environment! 

All Natural Clarifier

Make Everyday an  Earth Day

When you're green you're growing.
Better For You, Your Spa & Our Environment!
Hot tub products for the chemical sensitive and environment conscience customer.

We at The Natural Hot Tub Company® are very aware of our Environment and are totally committed to Eco-friendly practices. From our products to our packaging to our water soluble (corn-starch) peanuts. We're not just selling a product but a 'method' for customers to use their spas without soaking in harsh chemicals or polluting our Environment!

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